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The 8-Minute Golf Lesson

We invented the 8-minute golf lesson! It’s just enough time to work on the one little thing that’s preventing you from being the golfer you know you can be. Free, fun, and fast, that’s what our 8-minute lessons are all about! Guaranteed to teach you two things, and make you smile.

Everyone is welcome to come to free lessons on Friday evenings, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Sign up in the clubhouse or call 269.445.3143 to reserve your space. The 8-minute lesson is your first step!

Ladies’ League Clinics

Before our Tuesday evening ladies’ league tees off, Manager, Bill Loux, is there for a free group lesson. Join in the fun before teeing off at 5:30 for a 10-15 minute clinic that covers all aspects of the game; perfect your putt, improve your chip shot, straighten your drive, and learn about game management while having fun with your friends!

At Diamond Lake Golf Course, we pride ourselves on being so much more than just a golf course! So, grab some friends and improve your game while sharing good times and creating lasting memories!

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